A field of rotting pumpkins and a conversation between friends, this is how our story begins.

While sitting in the middle of a pumpkin patch on an old hay wagon during a preschool field trip, Ann and Nancy shared the painful experience of seeing their garden produce go to waste.   After all, one can only eat and store so much!

Nancy shared with her dream to find a way to use the abundance of her garden for charity.   Like many dreams, it takes the right time and a Divine Appointment until the dream can be realized.  And this was that appointed time!  After a few minutes of considering Nancy’s dream, Ann excitedly responded, “What about a Garden Market?”   And the dream began to grow wings…

It is our hope that through the Milford Charity Garden Market we can provide fresh local produce to our community for a donation. All proceeds will benefit Milford charities.

Harvest with a Heart founding members

Harvest with a Heart founding members


Ann and Nancy knew Angel had to join them.  Angel’s generosity and love for the town of Milford is surpassed by none.  She even has a sweet old cat named Milford.

When Angel, Ann, and Nancy began to share their vision with others, people enthusiastically supported the prospect of a Milford charity garden market.

As they planned for their dream, the ideas flowed easily and the energy to see the dream become a reality seemed unending.  It was if they had the wind at their backs and were following a path already prepared for them.

Dear friend, this story does not end here. The rest is yet to be told.  We invite you to be a part of our dream.  Help us write this story…. Share your harvest – share your heart.

We thank God for the making of this Charity Garden Market.  We pray that He will take our efforts and multiply the good that comes from it!


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