Harvest Market opened on July 16th with an overabundance of corn....

Harvest Market opened on Monday, July 16th with a 10 year anniversary celebration.  We had cookies from Harvest Coffee and mint lemonade.  We were blessed that day with over 900 pounds of corn from the fields of Tom Gunden and delivered to us by Bob Bowerman.  We then received over 3,600 more pounds over the next three market days!!  It looks like we will get more corn on Monday, July 30th and then the delivery for Thursday, Aug 2nd will be the last for the season.  Thanks to all who helped unload and who came to purchase corn....one more week!  

We also received over 290 pounds of cucumbers and over 166 pounds of zucchini so far this season.  We are  hoping that the tomatoes will be ready soon and someone might want to donate some, as well as green beans....these are the two most recently asked for produce.

Thank you for your continued support and be sure to stop by either Monday or Thursday from 3-6pm!