How to Freeze Sweet Corn


Sweet corn has such a short window in the summer – wouldn’t you love to eat it year-round?  It’s a little messy, but sure worth it.  Here’s how:  Shuck all the corn first and remove any worms or bad spots – cut off the tops with a sharp knife if you need to (we prefer pesticide-free corn – if it won’t kill the worms then it won’t kill my kids).  Rinse off the corn.  Set up a large pot 2/3 full of water to boil, and a large bowl full of cold water with plenty of ice ready to go.  Work in small amounts at a time, however many will fit in your pot.  Drop ears into boiling water and blanch for 4 minutes.  Remove ears with tongs into bowl of ice water to stop cooking process and make sure it is completely cool before removing.  Usually the rule for blanching is to let it sit in ice no longer than the blanching time.  Cut corn from the cob, not too close to the cob (this is the messy part) and scoop into ziploc freezer bags.  My husband has a pretty nifty way of doing this – he takes a large shallow bowl and puts an upside down measuring cup in the middle.  He sets the cob on the measuring cup and uses an electric knife to cut the kernels off.  They fall right into the bowl and eliminates a lot of the mess.

You’ll want to do this as soon as possible after getting the corn – the more time that passes the more sugar it loses.  Make sure it’s refrigerated until you are ready to process it.  If this is your first time I would try with a small batch of corn, maybe a dozen or so.  Happy freezing!